Limited edition blank note cards with botanical themes, from original pencil drawings.
As a passionate gardener, Ilga also loves to bring  flowers, leaves, and seeds from the garden and commit them to paper. These note cards are printed from her original ink and colored pencil drawings.
Each of the note card collections contain four different pictures, professionally reproduced with solid-ink color-fast printing on white 4.25" x 5.5" embossed cards packaged with A-2 envelopes in archival acid-free wrapping.
Each card set is $5.00. Domestic shipping and handling is $1.50 for the first set, and $0.50 for each additional set in your order. Contact us for international shipping and handling.
If you are a garden club or organization, we can create wholesale quantities for you, with a special cover with your organization's name, for fundraising purposes. Contact us at for more information or if you have any questions.
Click on the image to see photos of each card in that set.

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Set 1a

Set 1b

Set 1c

Set 1d

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Set 2b

Set 2c

Set 2d

Set 3a

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Set 5a

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