Volunteer at Edgewood Garden

We are starting a new program:  Volunteer at Edgewood Garden.
Become a Veggie! (VEG, get it?)
Volunteer days will include lunch (soup and salad provided, bring a sandwich) on work days. Activities will include weeding, planting, pruning, deadheading, raking, propagating, potting --- the usual light garden tasks.

What's in it for me, you ask? 

1) You will be able to attend any of our "Volunteer Teas" at Edgewood garden with scones and cucumber sandwiches and all that, which will be exclusively for Volunteers AND their guests.
2) You will have a chance to buy cards, books, sachets, or other Edgewood Garden "stuff" at a 20% discount.
3) You will get free plants from garden divisions, cuttings, seedlings and purchases to plant in YOUR garden.
4) You will have your name added to our Volunteer Plaque in the garden (and even some pictures on the website!).
5) You will get to see the garden at times of the year when it is not open to the public.
6) We will  have guest lecturers to give demonstrations/talks about various garden tasks/activities on specified Volunteer days. TBA.
7) Share in the fruit and vegetables from the garden, as available.

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Come with tools, gloves, sandwich and enthusiasm (rain or shine) on any of these days to help Edgewood Garden become a really great showplace.


Volunteer Days are the week of the second Tuesday of the month----on Tuesdays and the following Saturdays.
Volunteer hours are:  10:00am till 3:00pm with lunch at 12:30. The schedule for 2009 is:
Tuesdays                    Saturdays
April 7th                      April 11th
May 12th                     May 16th
June 9th                      June 13th
July 14th                     July 18th
August 17th                 August 22nd
The first tea is scheduled for Saturday June 20th to enjoy the first flush of roses.